Resources for Further Study

While The Secret Book of Kings will be enjoyed by all readers, regardless of their familiarity with the Bible's stories prior to picking up the book, it is even more exciting to see how the Bible's stories as told in the novel are deeply rooted in the Biblical text and also read the texts differently from the perspective of the Biblical author(s), as well as the perspectives of traditional interpreters. The resources presented here are meant to aid interested readers in learning more about traditional and modern perspectives on the Bible, as well as to guide readers in comparing the Biblical text with the book's text.

Discussion Questions

These questions were written by Yochi Brandes to assist book club and discussion leaders. They will also help individual readers reflect on the book.

Guide to Biblical Allusions

A page-by-page annotation, showing the main Biblical and other sources that the novel is reworking, and giving guidance and commentary to help the reader see what is being reworked and why.


Further Reading and Study

Links to books, web sites, and audio and video resources that can help interested readers dive in to the subject matter of the novel and explore the Bible in new ways.


A short podcast series designed to help book club and discussion leaders plan for discussions of the novel, as well as links to episodes of various podcasts in which the novel is discussed.