Modern Biblical Scholarship

While the modern understanding of the Bible's authorship and background was restricted for a century to the world of academic scholars, over the last thirty years or so, beginning with Richard Elliott Friedman's book Who Wrote the Bible?, the discoveries of archaeologists, historians, and literary critics are now highly accessible to anyone. To learn more about the modern point-of-view, which is one of the lenses through which The Secret Book of Kings can be better appreciated, explore the books and other resources in this section by clicking on the links below.


Many books have been published in recent years that are highly accessible to non-expert readers. Click here to see some of the best.



Introductory lectures and courses by some of the top scholars in modern Biblical studies are available on the web, many of them free.



Turn your commute into a learning experience by listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and audio courses on the Hebrew Bible.