Further Reading and Study

The story of The Secret Book of Kings is built out of a deep understanding of the text of the Bible itself, the interpretive tradition of the ancient Rabbis, and the discoveries of modern academic Biblical scholarship, which discovered that the Bible was composed from sources rooted in the southern kingdom of Judah and from sources rooted in the northern kingdom of Israel. Readers who wish to learn more after reading the novel can find many wonderful books, audio and video lectures and courses, and web sites that are accessible to and enjoyable by non-experts. We have collected many of the best resources here. Please let us know if we left off something that has been especially valuable to you by sending an email to info@secretbookofkings.com.

Modern Biblical Scholarship

Saul and David by Rembrandt

Saul and David by Rembrandt

The Early Kings of Israel

David by Bernini

David by Bernini

Midrash and the Bible as Literature

Web-Based Resources


BIBLICAL Geocoding

Chapter-by-chapter mapping of every location mentioned in the Bible. Use along with this web site's Guide to Biblical Allusions.


Original Hebrew texts, English translations, and traditional Jewish commentaries, all easily searchable. 

The Bible and Interpretation

A guide to the latest discoveries and scholarship in modern Biblical studies.